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Started in 2017 by Jazmyne Citizen, Sweets by Jazz LLC is a cottage food bakery serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. S.W.EE.T.S. stands for Sugar With EExtra Tasty Soul. Identified by the SUGAR ANT, Sweets by Jazz LLC stands firm on the scripture:

Proverbs 6:6 - Go to the ant thou sluggard, Consider her ways and be wise. 

The ant represents wisdom, power, strength, and of course, the LOVE of SWEETS. 

Vision: To be the Nation's #1 Bakery Choice.

Mission: Sweets by Jazz LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality desserts to clients who seek delicious homemade baked goods.  We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return to fund a commercial location and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Core Values: 

Accountability: We acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time and policies.

Commitment: We are committed to providing products of exceptional quality and an outstanding customer service experience.

Integrity: We provide honest, timely communication and service that shows respect and kindness with every customer, teammate, supplier, governing agency, and competitor.

Profitability: We recognize that profits are essential for growth, opportunities, job stability and the future viability of the company.

Safety: We ensure the health and well-being of all teammates and customers.